WhisperFlow 2-60

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Integrated High Flow CPAP Generator and Pressure with Oxygen Concentration Monitoring

The Caradyne WhisperFlow 2-60 Integrated CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) System offers an advancement in the treatment of a variety of respiratory conditions. 

Non-invasive CPAP treatment can increase lung volume, improve oxygenation, reduce work-of-breathing, prevent intubation and avoid costly ventilation. 

This integrated CPAP System delivers vari-able flows from 0 to 140 L/min at oxygen concentrations from 28 to 100%. The Caradyne WhisperFlow 2-60 also integrates pressure and oxygen monitoring which provides the clinician with a simple method of delivering CPAP therapy.


- Oxygen and pressure monitoring with alarms gives complete control over CPAP therapy
- Maximum flow rate of 0-140 L/min high flow meets all patient needs
- Minimum O2 concentration of 28% is ideal when oxygen depletion is a concern
- Compact, integrated design is simple to set-up and maintain as well as reduces overall space requirements
- Pole or Bench Mounting options gives clinician greater versatility
- Frees up ICU ventilators in CPAP applications
- Integrated pressure relief valve at 30cm H2O eliminates safety valve or tee-piece
- Internal filter compartment simpli-fies mounting and assembly
- Swivel elbow inlet port allows easy assembly and reduces stress on ven-tilator circuit
- High/low pressure alarms indicate occlusion or disconnect.
- High/low oxygen alarms indicate O2 concentration drift alert.
- Alarm delay avoids nuisance alarms
- Alarm pre-silence for system set up or patient suctioning
- Rechargeable battery for intra-hos-pital transport
- 2 year warranty

Clinical Benefits of Mask CPAP

- Alleviates tachypnea
- Pre-emptive treatment of cardiogenic pulmonary edema
- Prevents post-operative atelectasis
- Assists in the prevention and treat-ment of ARDS
- Accelerates patient weaning from mechanical ventilation

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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Product Specifications

  • Monitor Dimensions: 188mm x 198mm x 94mm
  • Monitor Weight: 680g
  • Monitor TubingFittings: Female Luer
  • Monitor Display Screen: 4x20 LCD Display
  • Generator Oxygen Fittings: DISS, 6MM Hose Barb, Shrader, MiniAGA
  • Generator Flow Rate Range: >0-140 L/min
  • Generator FiO2 range: 28-100%

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