Glucerna 1.0

by Abbott
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Category: Enteral Nutrition

Specialized nutrition with fiber for impaired glucose tolerance

  • GLUCERNA 1.0 CAL is a reduced-carbohydrate, modified-fat, fiber-containing formula clinically shown to blunt blood-glucose response in patients with abnormal glucose tolerance.
  • GLUCERNA 1.0 CAL provides only 34.3% of total calories as carbohydrate.
  •  This helps minimize glycemic response.
  • The formulation includes soy fiber to help maintain normal bowel function.
  • For patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • For patients with abnormal glucose tolerance resulting from metabolic stress, such as illness, trauma, or infection
  • For supplemental or total nutrition
  • For tube feeding8-fl-oz cans with mild vanilla flavor can be used orally as well as for tube feeding
  • Use under medical supervision



  • Consistent with American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association recommendations favoring monounsaturated fats and 4% of calories from saturated fat to help improve lipid profiles
  • Meets or exceeds 100% of RDIs for 24 key vitamins and minerals in 1420 Cal (1420 mL)
  • Halal Kosher
  • Gluten-free; suitable for lactose intolerance


Not for parenteral use
Not for patients with galactosemia

Manufacturer Note: Rx Required

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